In today's world, the realm of leadership is expanding beyond traditional boundaries, ushering in an era where emotions and cultural nuances play a pivotal role. 

Embarking on a compelling exploration through the ever-evolving terrain of modern leadership, we uncover the transformative principles of responsible leadership.

Every August, our country celebrates the women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. This event highlights the importance of working together to achieve significant change, which is a core belief of Signifyer.

Recently, I was invited by the International department at Zurich University of Applied Sciences to discuss responsible leadership and its potential impact on diversity and inclusion.

Natasha had the pleasure of attending the Responsible Leadership Reimagined Conference in Stellenbosch in March 2023. Here is a snippet of what she had to say.

Our Founder, Natasha Winkler-Titus (PhD), together with Dr. Joy Ntetha, Yesthiel Singh and Simon Peters discuss why it's more important than ever for businesses to embrace #Ubuntu philosophy, #responsibleleadership #iopimpact #significance