Our Services

Navigate sustainable transformation

Are you on the precipice and want to soar and not drop? We have the right approach to guide individuals and organisations toward sustainable change.

  • Personal and organisational Change facilitation- the steps
  • Life coaching
  • Executive coaching

Map sustainable business transformation

Organizational behaviour is the study of human behaviour in organisational settings, the interface between human behaviour and the organisation, and the organisation itself. This work can be done at three levels:
  • Individuals in organisations (micro-level)
  • Work groups (meso-level level)
  • how organisations behave and its context (macro-level)

Our offering support sustainable business transformation applying an Organizational behaviour lens and includes:

  • Organisational effectiveness
  • Strategy facilitation
  • Team and business planning facilitation
  • Business architecture review (Operating model and design)
  • Organisational identity review
  • Virtual facilitation

Build capacity for sustainable change

Capacity is a critical element for successful and sustained change and refers to new skills, knowledge and mindset required in order to bring about the change you want. We offer capacity building at two levels:

1. Organisational and individual change skills

  • A Master class on ’The Sustainable change Facilitator’
  • Significant change for leaders- Training program
  • Coping? Or thriving in change- Employee readiness and resilience program
  • Live connections-Virtual collaboration . A readiness assessment and training program

2. Research and development

  • Research supervision and project leadership
  • Lecturing on OD and Change theory; Organisational behaviour and Leadership
  • Making sense of big data: A Masterclass on Grounded theory for business

Sustainable People-focused solutions to embed change

Enabling conditions to ensure the new way of being sticks long after the project is concluded focusses on the structural context, procedural context as well as the emotional context. SigniFYER therefore offers services enabling people focussed solutions including:

1. Structural and procedural context alignment
  • Business process review and re-engineering
  • HR process auditing
  • HR governance -policy and procedure
  • HR Efficacy review
  • Talent optimisation and planning
2. Emotional context alignment
  • Leadership 360 Feedback facilitation and coaching
  • Significant teams: Team assessment and intervention
  • Front-line supervisory development
  • Competency framework and development
  • Significant Psychometric assessments