On-boarding: Not another Check


Yesterday morning I spent 2 hours engaging with a team member as a first step in her on-boarding process. This conversation reminded me again that we should never under estimate the value of on boarding and here I want to share a few reflections.

  • Always have in-person engagement- do not see this as a checklist process
  • Personal engagement- spend more time building a relationship than talking about the job
  • Always start with the context. Even if the employee is anxious about talking about the role and expectations. Help them understand the bigger picture
  • Listen as much, if not more, than you speak
  • Urge the employee to listen and engage, not get caught up in frantic note taking, to fully comprehend and understand where their role fit in. Give assurance that information is available.
  • Assure them, then deliver on it, that this is but the first of many engagements and therefore they do not need to remember every detail.
  • Discuss the big picture but ensure they have at least 1 or 2 clear next steps so they feel grounded and in control.
  • Always create the space for someone to feel safe and be their authentic selves.


Thank you for reading and I trust it brought enlightenment.



About the Author

Dr. Natasha Winkler-Titus is an Organizational Psychologist in private practice; teach OD and Change theory and practice; supervise internships and serves as a board member for the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology- SA. She enjoys the outdoors, run the occasional half marathon with her husband and mine for opportunities to impact human lives.