We empower
others towards significance.

SigniFYER was the brainchild of Dr. Natasha Winkler-Titus who believes in empowering others to act. To this end, the organisation is made up of a group of highly talented and experienced  associates who are committed to the SigniFYER philosophy and ways of working.

A commercially aware and engaged leader who has extensive experience in Talent Management, Leadership and Organisational Development across multiple industries both nationally and internationally, Natasha has led cross cultural teams across borders, nationalities and languages. Natasha holds a PhD in Organisational psychology and is registered with the HPCSA and successfully worked at a strategic level with the executive teams of multinational organisations in South Africa and abroad. 

Natasha has designed and implemented talent management systems and processes as well as large-scale change and transformation initiatives to drive business results and people development. Since registering as Psychologist in 2002, she has been working as a management consultant focusing on areas of HR performance improvement, organisational design and development to drive organisational effectiveness and employee engagement.

The majority of her assignments have been as part of larger strategy teams, which has grounded her business acumen and strategic view.


Work Psychologist specialising in Organisational Development, Change and Executive Coaching

President: SIOPSA (2020/21)
2018/19 IOP Practitioner of the Year (SA)
2018 Best paper- BAM Annual conference
Faculty: University of Stellenboch Business School

Natasha has extensive experience in managing organisational transformation and change nationally as well as working on international assignments, teaches on the subject and has also spoken internationally on the topic of change in organisations. Natasha furthermore serves on the board of the society for industrial and organisational psychology SA (SIOPSA) in the capacity as President-elect and will take on the Presidency in August 2020.


Marina Pretorius
Work Psychologist

Dr. Chene Swart
Narrative Consultant & Coach

Dr. Ruwayne Kock
Work Psychologist
CEO of Authentic organizations

Elaine Palmer
Work Psychologist &
HR Specialist

Miri Williamson
Work Psychologist

Kirstie Vosloo
Industrial Psychologist

Amalia Magnin
 Industrial Psychologist/Junior Consultant

Alri Willemse



CUBE Engineered are leaders in enterprise design and optimization, enabled through cutting-edge technology, creative solutions, technical expertise and sound advice.  The SigniFyer- CUBE Partnership brings an enterprise architecture, operating model, process, and organization design to life that elevates human-centric and behavioural aspects of business modelling, but also brings all stakeholders on the change journey that facilitates mindset and behavioural change toward greater organisational effectiveness.

Game 2 Change

SigniFYER partners with Game2Change to bring our experiential learning and behavioral change journey come to life through game based simulations and activities. Game2Change is the creative catalyst in unlearning, learning and reinforcing behaviours and skills with a measurable positive impact.


The Leadership Circle

SigniFYER has accreditation for The Leadership Circle assessment and 360 Feedback instrument. The Leadership Circle Profile is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates this information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface. Administered and debriefed by a Certified Practitioner who specializes in your industry and organizational needs, the Leadership Circle Profile assessment and debrief process is specifically tailored to every individual’s development.



Pétanque empowers business leaders to swiftly and effectively implement necessary changes with clarity. By addressing complex challenges such as opportunities, risks, performance demands, automation needs, and regulatory compliance, Pétanque provides co-created solutions through storyboards, roadmaps, and milestones, ensuring tangible results through co-implementation. Their approach instills confidence in organizations to navigate successful transformations, turning change into an opportunity for growth and success. Clarity builds confidence for change with results.


Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychologists South Africa SigniFYER is a proud member of the professional society of work psychologists. SIOPSA is a member-based, non-profit organisation established to enhance the Industrial and Organisational Psychology profession in South Africa. 


As human behaviour specialists in a workplace, SIOPSA translates the scientific body of industrial and organisational (IO) psychology knowledge into fit-for-purpose practices to promote business objectives, and help employees flourish. 


To this end, SIOPSA exists to serve its members and strives to create conditions in which IO psychologists will be able to deliver efficient and effective services to the benefit of all in South Africa.